Mastering Graph Editing Animation In After Effects - http://skl.sh/2ibIElK

Efficient Texturing Workflows Class / Tutorial - skl.sh/2ddUsA4

Learn How To Master Graph-Editing In After Effects

Ever felt intimidated by the graph editing process? This class will equip students with a strong understanding of graph-based animation within After Effects in order to make more controlled decisions in bringing their designs and illustrations to life.

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Learn Efficient Texturing Workflows

SkillShare Teaching Challenge Winner

Discounted Class link - skl.sh/2ddUsA4

This class is for anyone who wants to learn the quick steps to polishing their illustrations that are efficient! You don't have to be an expert illustrator, if you're interested in learning how to make your artwork look more finished quickly, this is the class for you. Also, look out for the monthly prizes! We will look at ways of creating depth with two texturing techniques that are geared towards getting you the most vivid results in the least amount of time.